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Gamespot Featured Article on PlaySide

Ex-EA Visceral game designer Gerry Sakkas heads new Melbourne-based mobile development studio; new project to start production in January, with follow-up announcement in March.

In September this year, EA shut down the Australian arm of its Visceral Games studio after reports that staff had met with HR representatives to discuss the future of the developer. At the time, EA told GameSpot AU:

“With no active project in development at that location, we’ve decided to close the Visceral Melbourne office. They are talented individuals and may find other roles elsewhere in EA, if they choose. EA continues to maintain its mobile studios in Melbourne, which are both thriving and hiring.”

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Tsumea Article on PlaySide

Gerry Sakkas formerly of EA’s Visceral Games Studio, has taken a bold leap to form mobile games studio PlaySide.

Following the culling of the EA Melbourne studio where he had been a Game Designer, Sakkas was faced with a decision to either relocate to America and continue working for EA or another large player in the games industry, or create a brand new niche Australian studio. Sakkas chose the latter option, contacted some of his former colleagues from Visceral and got to work.

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Joystiq Article on PlaySide

PlaySide is a new mobile-focused Australian studio, founded from the remains of EA’s Visceral Melbourne. Former Visceral game designer Gerry Sakkas founded PlaySide with other former staffers of the shuttered studio. PlaySide is looking to begin development of its first game next month.

“We are all about making a completely tailored experience for the mobile platform, with the added quality and polish of a console game,” Sakkas told Kotaku AU. “Our biggest goals are to create unique and loveable characters and to make a real impact on the mobile games industry.”

Australia’s development scene has definitely taken a turn for the small and scrappy, following the closure or severe downsizing of the mega studios. Even massive publishers like EA are focusing on quality mobile development with Australian developers.

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