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In this role, the Junior Artist will be tasked to learn and adapt to Playside’s art tools and asset pipelines. The artist must strive to ensure the visual aspects of every asset adheres to the Art Directors' vision. They must show the ability to learn and grow in all areas of their skill set. The Junior artist is responsible for furthering the final visual quality of there work, and also the implementation from a technical standpoint i.e performance and integration.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with Lead Artist to create high-quality 3D assets.

  • Conversion and interpretation of 2D concepts into textured 3d models

  • To provide exceptional visual quality on your projects to create a fun and engaging experience 

  • Understand and adhere to the project art direction.

  • To learn and improve your skills in all areas of your field

  • To create efficient and performant assets to integrate with your titles.

  • Constant research & interpretation of the latest trends in game art.

  • Implement feedback from Lead Artist and Art Director.

  • To help in reinforcing great teamwork and amazing studio culture.

What You Bring To The Role

  • Initiatives that have been undertaken in game development in either a tertiary level or self-taught

  • Examples of an exceptional art quality in prior work

  • Excellent verbal/written communication and problem-solving capabilities, with a basic ability to communicate visually utilizing traditional media.

  • A good understanding of art fundamentals.

  • Demonstrated modeling skills and experience in a major 3d package (Maya).

  • Basic game engine experience - Unity and/or Unreal Engine

Bonus Points!

  • Familiarity in Rigging and Skinning with Autodesk Maya.

  • Additional art skills such as drawing, modelling and texturing.

  • Good knowledge of anatomy and a thorough understanding of biomechanics, kinesiology for humanoids and animals.

How to Apply

Email your application to jobs@playsidestudios.com.

Your application should include your CV and any relevant portfolio links.

Only candidates successful will be contacted. Do keep an eye on our LinkedIn page and careers page to future roles.