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We are looking for a Level Designer to join our talented team in developing a game for VR. We are seeking an individual with strong level design skills and a keen interest in games to join us in bringing our games to the next level.

In this role, you'll utilize your experience, knowledge of design tools, and sense of scale to push the visual quality of the game and delight players with fresh experiences.

Key Responsibilities

  • Create immersive and replayable gameplay that supports and enhances the core mechanics and aesthetic.

  • Plan and model simplified geometry environmental layouts, place game objects, and script-level progression as required.

  • Focusing on building competitive and compelling gameplay spaces

  • Using content to tell stories, pushing ambient storytelling in the world

  • Using your experience and tools to make the worlds come alive

  • Develop plans for map updates and evolutions based on internal and external feedback.

  • Coordinate extensive play-testing, reviews, and iteration

  • Working effectively in a collaborative environment, providing input and regular feedback

  • Design and champion gameplay systems, conventions, and scenarios

  • Welcomes criticism and collaborates well as part of a diverse team, innovating without losing sight of the gameplay vision

What You Bring To The Role

  • Eye for art composition, architectural concepts, and an ability to create evocative shapes

  • Experience modelling blockmesh/whitebox environments in Maya, 3DS Max, or similar 3D package

  • Experience working closely and communicating with artists

  • Demonstrated ability to improvise and creatively solve problems

  • Understanding of simple scripting/programming concepts using a language such as C#, Lua, Javascript, or Python

  • Proficient and practical communication skills

  • Proactive and self-reliant

  • Understanding of the multiplayer gaming landscape

  • A burning passion for playing and making the industry’s best video games.

Bonus Points!

  • Experience working within Unity and/or Unreal Engine

  • Experience in another game development discipline (Art, Engineering, Animation, UI, Sound, etc.)

  • Mod community experience

How to Apply

We want you to get to know us as much as we get to know you! Our process will go as follows:

  • You apply with your killer CV and a folio of examples of your work!

  • Quick phone chat with one of our delightful People & Culture team members

  • You may then be invited in for an interview (in-office or via Zoom) to outline all of your past work, and we will let you know all about PlaySide.

  • 2nd stage interview or Zoom call, to meet one of our General Managers or Directors

  • You’ll then get the opportunity to meet some of our current PlaySiders - this is a casual chat and a get to know you session!

Only candidates successful will be contacted. Do keep an eye on our LinkedIn page and careers page to future roles. 

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