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Working closely with the Studio Lead Designer, you will set goals for in-game economy performance, work to meet those goals by working closely with the team - use of mathematical genius, excel wizardry and magic are all highly encouraged but not (officially) required - and report back regularly with both expected and achieved results.

You’ll be tasked with planning, constructing and maintaining the balance of in-game economies, including in-game resources, time allocations, item amounts and categorisations, in-game reward yields, IAP pack contents, and more as it’s required! You will have a direct impact on how the game feels and plays!

Put simply, if there’s a number associated with a feature, and that number is going to directly or indirectly affect the in-game economy and balancing, then you’ll likely be involved! If you’re amazing with numbers and an avid gamer with development experience, this role is for you!

Key Responsibilities

  • Plan and implement the balancing of our game economies across a growing roster of game genres.

  • Collaborate with our analytics team to collect and analyze economic data; build reports on performance, then suggest and implement new strategies and optimize existing performance.

  • Collaborate with the development team to implement economy data and test the results. 

  • Create game economy simulations and evaluate their performance & their impact on player experience.

  • Track and understand the Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) to develop and optimize game balancing accordingly.

What You Bring To The Role

  • Thorough knowledge of video games and game economies.

  • Ability to work in a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary, iterative environment, while delivering under deadlines and time constraints.

  • Knowledge of how player progression systems and economy systems interact.

  • Interest in playtesting, getting feedback, and giving feedback.

Bonus Points!

  • Degree in economics, finance, statistics or similar. 

  • Scripting or programming experience.

  • Experience in game dev or game design.

How to Apply

Email your application to

Your application should include your CV, cover letter and any relevant portfolio links. While working your cover letter, please consider the following:

  • Why are you applying for our role at Playside? 

  • Tell us all about yourself!

  • What is your proudest work achievement?

  • Why do you think you're the one for this role? 

  • Why are you leaving your current role?

  • How many weeks' notice do you need?

Only candidates successful will be contacted. Do keep an eye on our LinkedIn page and careers page to future roles. 

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