Careers @ PlaySide

Lead Engineer




A Lead Engineer has the responsibility in PlaySide Studios to lead the companies technology division from a studio level down. This includes but may not be limited to studio digital security, network infrastructure, technologies of functional utilisation to the company and team/project management.

The Lead Engineer not only champions studio wide technologies but also the engineering team.

The Lead Engineer has a mission to seek growth from all subordinates and ensure they are the best version of themselves, by inspiring at a team level. The Lead Engineer may facilitate in helping out projects from time to time, as needs be and this may also have requirements to switch between multiple projects on any given day.



Key Skills:


- Minimum 5 years experience.
- Examples of exceptional code standards in at least 5 shipped titles.
- Excellent verbal/written communication and problem solving capabilities.
- Ability to provide vision and guide projects to success with team
- Experience providing mentorship and training to more junior members of the team.
- Expert level of coding standards with proficiencies in all major specialisations of code.
- Expert level of Unity and/or Unreal Engine experience
- Experience working in a senior position with external parties.


Roles and Responsibilities:


- To be the studio voice for any departmental issues or concerns.
- To ensure all projects are set up to PlaySide standards at inception, and maintained throughout development
- To ensure no project created at PlaySide is shipped with core fundamental issues.
- To provide technical and emotional support to all members of the code department where needed. Ensure their growth & inspire.
- Be front facing at a client level with all external parties as the leader of the technology division of the company
- Ensure documentation is compiled on a project architecture level. By means of Technical Design Documents (TDD)
- Projects must meet all performance requirements set in early stages of development.
- To learn, improve and keep up to date with skills in all areas of your field.
- Strive to improve quality in the department staying on top of all new trends and technologies.
- To help in reinforcing great teamwork and amazing studio culture. Ensure you are inspiring your team!