Careers @ PlaySide

Designer (Mid)

In this role, the Mid Designer must bring the game together holistically to ensure it meets the needs of the studio and consumers. The designer must strive to ensure the gameplay design of every product is true to vision and that the game adheres to PlaySide's and external parties design philosophy. This may include but not be limited to user engagement factors: competency/challenge curves, strategy, input mechanics, and more; as wel as user retention and monetisation factors: business monetisation / funnelling of a user for conversion, etc. Working alongside external parties is a vital part of this role, showing effective communication on a professional level.


Key Skills

  • 3 Year Game Development Experience

  • Proven track record of shipped titles both internal and external

  • Excellent verbal/written communication with both internal and external parties

  • Mastery of Free to Play Design principles & proven success in shipped titles

  • Understanding of analytic driven design and post launch improvements.



Roles And Responsibilities

  • To provide exceptional design on your projects to create a fun and engaging experience

  • Identification and documentation of design (GDD etc) in projects you are tasked to

  • Technical problem solving at the gameplay level to ensure sound engagement/retention/monetization factors are met

  • Ability to work on a technical level with all members of staff in all areas of expertise and drive the implementation of design ideas

  • Working alongside the other design team members in a professional manner. And providing thoughts on improvements to all projects studio wide

  • Constant research & interpretation of latest trends in game design

  • Liaise with producers within the scheduling phase of projects to ensure design implantation is within time/budget

  • Providing light mentorship of junior members of the team

  • Seek actionable feedback from peers and leads / Initiate playtests

  • Ensure game design adheres to the target audience set in the design brief by Lead

  • Confidently present game ideas/documents to the team

  • Engage with clients via email/call to receive feedback and discuss ideas

  • To help in reinforcing great teamwork and amazing studio culture


About PlaySide:


Formed in 2012 by Gerry Sakkas "PlaySide Studios" is a world renown video game developer located in Melbourne, Australia. Our company is lead by senior management, creatives and developers who have paved the way in AAA console and mobile development over the years.  We are pioneers in our field and with over 45 staff, and we’re still growing. We have a multitude of titles we’re working on, partnering with the worlds biggest Hollywood brands. PlaySide works closely on the forefront of technology, and develop for mobile, AR and VR.