Careers @ PlaySide

Designer (Senior)

Are you passionate about making amazing games and creating unforgettable gaming experiences? Would you be excited to design games for a range of platforms including console, PC, mobile and more? You’re in luck! Playside Studios are seeking a talented Senior Game Designer to join our awesome and talented team. The ideal candidate should have proven experience in designing high-quality, audience-focused games, leadership of junior and mid-level designers, and demonstrated knowledge in high-quality, free-to-play mobile game experiences.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Oversee and guide the design of multiple projects at once, reporting to the lead designer while guiding your project’s designers to create their best work possible and providing them mentorship. 

  • Drive the design and implementation of features and game systems in order to bring the vision of the Lead Designer into a quality playable experience.

  • Work collaboratively and openly with team members to create and maintain and review GDDs, functional specification designs, design templates, UX/UI wireframes, and prototypes.

  • Develop concepts for gameplay and progression systems for use throughout the player lifecycle to maximize engagement, monetization, and retention.

  • Develop data-gathering methods for game balancing.

  • Utilize analytics for game tuning, performance projections, and game changes. 

  • Partner with other disciplines to ensure the game design and player engagement targets are prioritized, monitored and delivered upon.

  • Oversee and guide designers as they quickly prototype design ideas in-game and rapidly iterate via playtesting.

  • Seek regular feedback from peers and playtesting to validate system designs.

  • Both create and guide designers to create detailed, thorough and professional documentation that helps the team to understand the intricacies of your designs.

  • Present your designs, cultivate buy-in, and seek peer reviews on a regular basis.

  • Collaborate with the team across disciplines, including engineering, design, and art to develop world-class gameplay experiences.

Required Skills

  • 5+ years of game design experience.

  • Experience working on a mobile F2P game from concept through live service.

  • Experience in leading or being senior to a team of designers. 

  • Designed and developed major game systems for at least one shipped title.

  • Demonstrable content creation skills.

  • Outstanding self-motivation and initiative in a highly dynamic environment.

  • Creatively, analytically and organizationally skilled with proven ability to write, communicate and maintain detailed design documentation throughout the game life cycle.

  • Demonstrative proof of an open-minded, progressive thinker who is flexible, energetic and driven with the ability to overcome obstacles and challenges with working solutions.

  • Ability to research, design for, understand and be passionate about a variety of audience types, including kids, casual, female majority, core, etc.

  • Remain current on industry trends including new game genres, new game design methods, and emerging platforms.

  • Excellent verbal communication skills.


Desired Skills And Experience

  • Experience working within Unity3D.

  • Sound knowledge in analytics and product management.

  • Able to take client Requests for Proposals (RFPs) & deliver outstanding pitches back to the client.

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred.

  • Scripting experience.

About PlaySide:


Formed in 2012 by Gerry Sakkas "PlaySide Studios" is a world renown video game developer located in Melbourne, Australia. Our company is lead by senior management, creatives and developers who have paved the way in AAA console and mobile development over the years.  We are pioneers in our field and with over 45 staff, and we’re still growing. We have a multitude of titles we’re working on, partnering with the worlds biggest Hollywood brands. PlaySide works closely on the forefront of technology, and develop for mobile, AR and VR.