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Are you passionate about making amazing games and creating unforgettable gaming experiences? Would you be excited to design games for a range of platforms including console, PC, mobile and more? You’re in luck! PlaySide Studios are seeking a talented Mid Game Designer to join our awesome and friendly team and help us find the fun! As a Mid Game Designer, you should be driven and self-motivated, excited about the art of game design, freakishly informed about contemporary and older videogames, while also having a good amount of experience bringing a breadth of games to fruition in your own way

Key Responsibilities

  • To provide exceptional design on your projects to create a fun and engaging experience

  • Writing and updating Game Design, Technical, and Intention Documents for your teams

  • Technical problem solving at the gameplay level to ensure sound engagement/retention/monetization execution

  • Ability to work on a technical level with all members of staff in all areas of expertise and drive the implementation of design ideas

  • Working alongside the other design team members in a professional manner. And providing thoughts on improvements to all projects studio wide

  • Constant research & interpretation of latest trends in game design

  • Liaise with producers within the scheduling phase of projects to ensure design implantation is within time/budget

  • Providing light mentorship of junior members of the team

  • Seek actionable feedback from peers and leads, while Initiating playtests

  • Ensure game design adheres to the target audience set in the design brief

  • Confidently present game ideas/documents to the team

  • Engage with clients via email/call to receive feedback and discuss ideas

  • To help in reinforcing great teamwork and amazing studio culture

What You Bring To The Role

  • 3+ years of game design experience

  • Proven track record of shipped titles & prototypes, both within studio & independently

  • Excellent verbal/written communication with both internal and external parties

  • Deep knowledge one or more particular aspects of game design

  • Understanding of analytic driven design and post launch improvements

Bonus Points!

  • Experience working within Unity3D & Unreal Engine

  • Scripting or Coding experience, with some ability to develop prototypes

  • Experience working in VR

  • Experience working in FreeToPlay Mobile

  • Experience working in PC & Console

How to Apply

Email your application to

Your application should include your CV, cover letter and any relevant portfolio links. While working your cover letter, please consider the following:

  • Why are you applying for our role at Playside? 

  • Tell us all about yourself!

  • What is your proudest work achievement?

  • Why do you think you're the one for this role? 

  • Why are you leaving your current role?

  • How many weeks' notice do you need?

Only candidates successful will be contacted. Do keep an eye on our LinkedIn page and careers page to future roles. 

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