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As the External Art Manager, you will work with the internal team leads to help manage the assets being developed by external vendors. You will assess development situations and form strategies for delivering quality, cost-effective assets through 3rd party vendors. You will create production packets and review the technical and creative quality of assets as they progress through the pipeline. The External Art Manager has in-depth experience creating game art and is technically inclined with excellent feedback and organizational skills.

Key Responsibilities

  • Define and execute creative strategies for outsourcing and co-development that improve quality, cost-effectiveness, and risk mitigation of our products.

  • Work closely with the Art Director and Leads to understand and communicate the expectations for the visual quality of in-game art with external teams.

  • Build a wide variety of partnerships to deliver concept art, characters, animation, UX, cinematics, levels, and more

  • Work closely with the production team to track, organize, maintain, and document the status of outsourced art assets.

  • Create and maintain outsourcing budget plans both short and long term.

  • Find new partners and create new ways to make outsourcing and co-development work for us.

  • Be the first line of feedback to vendors and course-correct to appropriate direction.

  • Organize and prepare outsourced art assets for art reviews.

  • Organize and prepare asset packets for the external team.

  • Document and communicate Art Review feedback to the external team.

  • Check technical validity of art assets coming in from outsourcing artists.

  • Prescreen visual quality of art assets coming in from outsourcing artists.

  • Working alongside the other Art team members in a professional manner. And providing thoughts on improvements to all projects studio-wide.

  • Improve workflow and efficiency by sharing experience and skill, both verbally and through presentations and/or documentation.

  • To help in reinforcing great teamwork and amazing studio culture!

What You Bring To The Role

  • Extensive experience with managing outsource and/or co-dev relationships, ideally involving a variety of art fields.

  • Knowledge of Maya, Photoshop, and other industry-standard software used for developing art assets.

  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills; able to work on complex problems where analysis of situations requires an in-depth evaluation of various factors with minimal guidance.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.

  • Ability to understand, match, and communicate varied target styles.

  • Excellent organizational skills and proven experience managing multiple 2D and/or 3D assets in various states of completion.

Bonus Points!

  • Strong 2D concept art skills to communicate vision and ideas.

  • Advanced knowledge and master of Jira, or other pipeline management tools.

How to Apply

Email your application to jobs@playsidestudios.com.

Your application should include your CV, cover letter and any relevant portfolio links. While working your cover letter, please consider the following:

  • Why are you applying for our role at Playside? 

  • Tell us all about yourself!

  • What is your proudest work achievement?

  • Why do you think you're the one for this role? 

  • Why are you leaving your current role?

  • How many weeks' notice do you need?

Only candidates successful will be contacted. Do keep an eye on our LinkedIn page and careers page to future roles.