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PlaySide Studios is a Melbourne-based world-class game studio, and we're on the hunt for experienced Motion Graphic artists! Motion Graphic Artist works closely with the Animation team to produce assisting and being the driving creative force behind a 2D animation pipeline to create fun and expressive short visual narratives..

Key Responsibilities

  • Create, complete and deliver, 2D art assets, storyboards, and 2D rigged characters in accordance with the Narrative direction;

  • Participate in the story development, concept and brainstorming meetings for the script as required by the narrative team;

  • Contribute ideas, collaborate and communicate openly with all members of the team;

  • Ensure that all artwork meets the technical and creative requirements of the script as directed by the narrative team

  • Produce and create a 2D animated assets for animators to utilise

  • Provide and support any background, object or VFX elements, and scene compiling for narrative and animation pipeline.

  • Be the main driving creative force behind this pipeline, building assets to hand off for animation, building scenes and location art for backgrounds, and providing any motion graphic or animation support like VFX, camera animation or environmental animations, etc. 

  • Take the pipeline from ideation to fully realised product to expected quality and deadlines.

What You Bring To The Role

  • Highly proficient 2D artist, with a high level of quality asset creation, illustration and motion design

  • A keen eye for visual storytelling and creative appeal

  • Fun and creative ideation with a strong sense of humour.

  • Competent with motion design and character design and movement animation

  • A clear idea of an animation production pipeline and requirements

  • Good eye for Composition, with an understanding of shot flow.

  • Excellent time management skills and an ability to work to deadlines;

  • Ability to express, through drawing, Motion and its relation to the script and character

  • Strong understanding of the 12 principles of animation and motion design.

How to Apply

Email your application to

Your application should include your CV and any relevant portfolio links.

Only candidates successful will be contacted. Do keep an eye on our LinkedIn page and careers page to future roles. 

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