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Battle Simulator: Warfare, Launches on Mobile

Updated: Mar 3

Battle Simulator Warfare is a mobile auto-battle simulator. Recruit fighters and warriors from many different ages throughout history to your army including Cavemen, Resistance Fighters, Roman Emperors, helicopters, gangsters, and many, many more before sending them into battle. Each and every battle gives you the chance to win gold and historic glory!

Each warrior fights differently and comes with their own unique abilities. No battle is ever the same as you upgrade, customise, and build your army to take on challenging fights across the ages!

Some key features of Battle Simulator Warfare are:

  • Deep and addictive progression systems

  • A crisp and minimalistic art style

  • Fully animated characters

  • An expansive campaign with thousands of unique levels

  • A massive roster of warriors to recruit - each with different abilities

  • Challenge Mode where you can earn bonus rewards every day

This is the third title in PlaySide’s highly successful Warfare franchise and is built using PlaySide’s development system titled WARkit which allows the Company to rapidly design, develop and deploy additional warfare casual titles.

Consistent with its data driven mobile game development strategy PlaySide continues to iterate on the WARkit system in order to drive incremental improvements in user retention and monetisation. This process, combined with new themes and brands, is planned to enable PlaySide to grow the Warfare franchise over the course of 2021 and beyond.

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