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Dumb Ways to Die celebrates 10 years with more mayhem!

Ten years ago, Dumb Ways to Die became one of the major breakout viral video hits of 2012, with its unique brand of quirky humour and incredibly catchy tune spreading a serious message about transport safety. Since its debut, its channel has amassed almost half a billion views on YouTube, a top ten spot on iTunes Australia, and spawned an entire brand in the process.

To celebrate this milestone and the penning of a new deal with Netflix, PlaySide Studios recently revealed more information about upcoming titles, including Dumb Ways to Draw 2 (now live) and Dumb Ways to Die 4 set for a 2023 release.

PlaySide Studios has to-date released five unique Dumb Ways to Die games, with Dumb Ways to Draw and Dumb Ways to Die 2 hitting Number 1 on the App Store across over 70 countries. Together, the games have over 7 billion game sessions between them and over 350 million downloads.

The love of these eccentric characters was then carried over into the Web3 space, where a BEANS NFT collection was released in 2022. Marrying perfectly with this collection, PlaySide are currently developing an exciting new title within the BEANS universe to accompany the collection, where holders will be able to use their individual BEANS within the game itself.

For more information, visit:

Watch the 10th Anniversary video here:


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