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Exile’s Return announced at Gamescom 2023!

Updated: Aug 31

PlaySide’s presence at Gamescom 2023 resulted in a plethora of new announcements being revealed over the days of the event – the biggest being the IGN Exclusive reveal of Exile’s Return, another massive update for Age of Darkness: Final Stand coming in 2023.

Erodar under siege

Coming this winter, Exile’s Return will be the second major free update of the year, providing a fitting crescendo to the heart-pounding twists and turns players experienced in Flames of Retribution.

The captivating gameplay trailer to announce Exile’s Return was also displayed on stage at the Team17 booth, with GM of PC & Console, Ryan McMahon, taking attendees through a presentation of what’s to come.

Watch the official Exile's Return announcement trailer now!

Exile’s Return will feature:

  • The final three missions of the Campaign

  • A unique boss fight

  • A new cinematic to bring a dramatic close to the final Act

  • A new Volatist Hero, Aurelia Pelegren, the Daughter of Ruin joins the fight in Survival

  • Quality of Life updates, including Formations, Faction Specific Keeps and 3D Hero Select Screens (and more).

The Daughter of Ruin

Players were initially introduced to Aurelia Pelegren in Flames of Retribution – Act I & II of the Campaign. Aurelia began as a member of The Order under the tutelage of Edwin Everard, an exemplary model of what The Order stood for.

Finding her own way in the world and deciding where her path would lead, Aurelia’s lust for power began to grow and the influence of the Volatists started to corrupt her.

Now, joining the ranks of the Volatists as their second Hero, Aurelia has learned to harness the force of Dark Essence in her own formidable way.


We look forward to announcing the release date of Exile’s Return shortly, as well as future plans for Age of Darkness: Final Stand.


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