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We are looking for a super switched on Technical Animator (Rigger) to work closely with 3D art, animation and engineering teams to create high-quality and optimized rigs for animators, devise animation solutions and pipelines and assist in developing tools for 3D art/animation workflows.

In addition to exceptional technical art skills, we're looking for a candidate who can lead by example, embracing hard work and combining clear communication with a highly positive attitude.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work closely with 3D Artist, Animators and Engineers to devise animation solutions and pipelines, create high-quality rigs for animators and assist in developing tools for 3D art/animation workflows.

  • Build-upon, create and maintain efficient art pipelines, identifying, developing and documenting new tools and processes.

  • Collaborate with the team on technical solutions to deliver the art vision and drive the visual fidelity of the game

  • Work closely with Art/Animation lead while developing new tools, rigs, and workflows for the art department.

  • Communicate effectively between art and code, providing guidelines, best practices, and documentation for workflows, etc.

  • To help in reinforcing great teamwork and amazing studio culture.

What You Bring To The Role

  • Expertise in Rigging and Skinning in Autodesk Maya.

  • A thorough understanding of animation pipelines and the process involved from the conceptual phase to implementation.

  • Ability to rig characters/objects in a realistic or cartoon manner.

  • Good knowledge of anatomy and a thorough understanding of biomechanics, kinesiology for humanoids and animals.

  • Strong skills in programming/scripting using Python and/or Mel

  • Perfect understanding of art optimization techniques.

  • Excellent initiative, self-motivation, communication, organisational and problem-solving skills, as well as team working and the ability to accept and follow direction

  • Motivated and self-driven; complete tasks without intense supervision.

  • Ability to work on multiple projects at any given time with the ability to adapt quickly

  • Advanced level of knowledge with either Unity or Unreal Engine. (Or both!)

  • The ability to prioritise and work on multiple tasks simultaneously and manage competing priorities.

  • Strong attention to detail and the ability to work independently to get the job done without day-to-day direction.

  • Have a can-do with the ability to turn a negative into a positive, no problem is too great.

Bonus Points!

  • Skills in Animation using Autodesk Maya

  • Experience in using Houdini for Tool development and Simulation.

  • Knowledge in coding using C# or C++

How to Apply

Email your application to jobs@playsidestudios.com.

Your application should include your CV, cover letter and any relevant portfolio links. While working your cover letter, please consider the following:

  • Why are you applying for our role at Playside? 

  • Tell us all about yourself!

  • What is your proudest work achievement?

  • Why do you think you're the one for this role? 

  • Why are you leaving your current role?

  • How many weeks' notice do you need?

Only candidates successful will be contacted. Do keep an eye on our LinkedIn page and careers page to future roles.